Teacher week : Sanity Saver

Well - today is my first official day back!! We welcome the kids on Tuesday.  

I guess it is fitting that I share a sanity saver since I will most definitely have to use them now!!

Going back to the routine is so hard (waking up, peeing at certain times - the hardest!, eating at specific times etc!) 

I am SO tired during the first month back.. and I just do NOT want to leave my house.. for anything , not even on the weekend! All I want to do is sleeeeeep.

So..  I make it a priority to grocery shop on Friday nights after school before I head home. I refuse to go at any other time during the week, so it's important that I am organized and have my meals already planned out.

I like to use the free AnyList app to make my grocery list. SO easy to use and I love the speech recognition so I don't even have to type out what I need to buy

Another essential tool on my phone is Checkout51 . I love saving money..so I always check this app to see if any of my listed items are on promotion. This app gives you money back if you upload a picture of your receipt that includes promotional items. YAY for money back on your groceries!! 

The last app that I consult is Flipp - it has all the grocery store flyers so I can see what's on sale, where. I don't mind hitting up 3 different stores in one night because they are all literally one across each other. I also like to see what's on sale, because I am BIG on stocking up on everything (except for fruits & veggies, of course!) Flipp now even has a grocery list capability. LOVE! 

Check out the apps to help make your life easier :) 


  1. Je ne sais pas si tu sais, mais il n'existe pas juste Checkout 51. Il existe aussi Snap by Groupon et Zweet. Vivement les économies! ;)

    1. Je ne connaissais pas "Snap" ni "Zweet"...Tu dois être une reine du "couponing" :) C'est certain que je les télécharge!! Y'a rien de mieux qu'économiser, surtout sur les épiceries!! (quand tu nourris 2 ados.. ça vient que ça coûte cher en bibitte!!)

    2. J'adore le couponning en effet même si je n'ai pas d'ados encore. Les coupons et les imbattables c'est merveilleux. On économise beaucoup grâce à ça.


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