Teacher week! Monday!

Teacher week is here! It's fitting as Thursday, teachers from my board start PD and then we say hello to our students on Tuesday the 8th! 

I am joining a whole bunch of teachers who are joining in on the fun. Head over to Blog Hoppin' to read more posts and to join in on the fun.

Here are the guidelines for the week. 

Kicking it off with 5 fun facts about moi ! 

I have a secret obsession with Celine Dion! (Not so secret anymore, I guess) I LOVE her and I am planning on seeing her in Vegas for New Years 2015!

I love going to wineries and this is one of the prettiest I have been at. (Chateau des charmes in Niagara Falls, Ontario) Food pairing classes are some of the best times I have had with my husband.

 Chocolate is my favourite and I would devour this entire 5 lb chocolate bar if it weren't so bad for me!
 Two winters ago, I started (relunctantly) cross country skiing. I had always done downhill and did NOT want to try anythine new. Hubby convinced me.. and I now LOVE the sport. This is how I spent most of my first outing. In the snow, on my butt! 

I have had to move away from home twice to work for schools within our school board. We have a huge territory. I went to Sault Ste Marie and had a wonderful experience there. It's a beautiful city with tons of outdoor activities. The waterfront is really beautiful. Elliot Lake is a small, picturesque town. The fall foliage is incredible! 

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  1. Wow! J'aime tellement en apprendre plus sur les autres enseignants-auteurs!


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