Kindergarten "Kraze"!

My board has a summer program for new kindergarteners. The session is for 2 weeks and we hope to immerse the new students into school life by allowing them to come to "school" and participate in school-like activities.

Although I am not a kindergarten teacher, I always like to facilitate the program. The kids are just so cute, how could I say no?! Plus, it's a GREAT way to gently ease me back into a routine after summer break!

I thought I could share some of the activities / crafts we did for our first week, during which our theme was "water"

We did sink/float acitivities, trying out different items in our water center to see if they had a sink or float property. As an extension to the activity, I purchased a pool noodle which I cut in half and the kids decorated a little "flag" that they stuck onto a popsicle stick and into the pool noodle. They had fun making races with their noodles. We placed the "boats" in order of quickest to slowest. 

We read Top Place Percy (Premier prix pour Charlie) about a fish who doesn't feel very special compared to all his other ocean friends, but when a dangerous shark comes around he uses his skill of camouflage to protect his friends. 

Using the Ellison die cut machine (have you ever used one? LOVE!!!) I cut out the fish shapes and the kids decorated them and glued them onto the ocean mural we are creating.

We are in the process of making crabs using our handprints to add to our mural.

Water beads are a great sensory tool. The kids love them and best of all : they are non-toxic! 

We made this fun guy, too!

It is exhausting trying spending all day with 22 new students, trying to teach routines and procedures. The real heroes in education are pre-k and k teachers, FOR SERIOUS. I had to nap all weekend long to make sure I had the energy to last during my second week!!

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