Bonus Sale!!!


YES! Thank you TPT for adding a bonus sale! Tons of sellers will be participating in this bonus sale. Didn't shop 'til you dropped during last sale? Now's the time to do the REAL damage. I know I WILL!

I am getting ready for BTS here in Ontario.. and this year, I got RID of my treasure box and I have swapped it out for these beauties! 

LOTTO tickets. 

Seriously, best b-day presents ever were getting scratch tickets inside a card. Who's with me? 

The kids are going to LOVE these. I can't wait for them earn a ticket!! 

These are very easy to make and re-usable year after year!

Step 1: Laminate cards 

Step 2: Mix 3 parts acrylic paint to 1 part dish soap (any brand)
Step 3: Paint over the reward. You may need 2-3 coats, depending on your colour of choice, but this is easily done while watching your favourite show.
Step 4: Hand out the lotto tickets and let the good times roll!

Scoop them up in my store by clicking on the picture  below. There is a set for upper elementary and lower elementary grades.  SCRATCH AWAY KIDDOS!!

Use code MORE15 at checkout to save up to 28% off your purchase


  1. Je vais assurément tenter l'expérience des billets de loto lorsque j'aurai ma classe. Je vois passer cette idée fréquemment sur Pinterest. :)

    1. Oui, moi aussi je les voyais souvent .. je suis très contente que j'ai décidé de le faire.. l'an dernier j'en ai fais une mise à l'essai et ce fût un succès donc je m'en ai fait à mon goût! J'ai très hâte de partager mes billets de loto avec mes nouveaux élèves!!


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