Back-to-school ebook

Canadian Back To School eBook 2015

I just want to let everyone know that the Canadian BTS e-book is now live!

There are MANY great freebies in here and links to amazing products. You can find products in both French and English! Please, download and enjoy the freebies. 

In return for each freebie, leave some ♥♥♥ on these FABULOUS Canadian teacher-authors' pages! 

Your feedback is what motivates us to create and post freebies for our followers :) 

ENJOY the e-book!! 



  1. Je ne connaissais pas ce e-book. J'y jetterai certainement un coup d'oeil! :)

    1. Oui.. et les dames qui y ont contribué se sont vraiment dépassées.. le livre est superbe!


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